Friends Of The Little Aughwick Creek

Mission: "To protect and promote the environment and water quality within the Little Aughwick Creek Watershed. Strategies to achieve the mission include education to enhance public understanding of water issues, data collection, community activism, and promoting good quality land use planning."

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FLAC is the first and only watershed group to originate in Fulton County, PA. If anyone is interested in becoming a member or participating in the voluntary monitoring program or just wants to learn more about the watershed, please contact Derrick at ! We are in need of volunteers for monitoring (2 hours to do water sample testing). We provide the training.

Friends of the Little Aughwick Creek meets regularly to plan and educate its members and others on ways to protect the environment and water quality of the 61-square mile watershed.  Group members and volunteers have begun monthly chemical, biological and physical monitoring of the Little Aughwick Creek and will work with ALLARM from Dickinson College to maintain data collected. 

How can you help the environment?

Today, more and more people are becoming aware that their actions can be harmful to the environment. It can be overwhelming just thinking about what to do and frustrating when it seems other people just do not care. THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL. You may or may not be able to help stop the Amazon from logging, China's factories from polluting, or other pollution problems around the world BUT you can help your local environment. The local environment effects you daily!

One the greatest things that you can do is, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Click Here To Learn More The second thing is to become educated about the environment and understanding that many of your everyday choices have an affect on the environment and your wallet.

The purpose of this website is to help inform you and provide tips and answers to how you can help the environment, the quality of water and save money. We will be adding information and links to other resources monthly. Please visit our other web pages to learn more about where you can recycle items, reduce pollution, save water, how to improve your lawn and the surrounding environment and much more!

In Celebration of Earth Day, the Friends of the Little Aughwick Creek, a local watershed group committed to protecting the environment and water quality within the Little Aughwick Creek watershed, sponsored the 3nd annual Great PA Cleanup on Saturday, May 2nd.  A dozen volunteers gathered 70 bags of trash, over 1 ton of litter, around Fort Littleton.  FLAC would like to thank all the volunteers who gave their time to clean up our community and to thank Park's Texaco for providing lunch and PennDOT for providing trash bags, gloves, safety vests and picking up the collected litter.

Upcoming Schedule of Events

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3rd Weekend   Monthly     
Volunteer Chemical Monitoring of Stream

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